Sunday, August 5, 2012

Hotties- Magic Mike Edition

Alright now, here's what I have to say:

Have you seen "Magic Mike" yet? Your answer better be yes. Of course this isn't an Oscar nom worthy feature film presentation or a movie of any critical acclaim Channing Tatum? Yes please.

But lets get real for a moment, I personally thought Channing Tatum and Matt Bomer were the only ones that I was really interested in watching closely. So I was thinking, if Channing Tatum came up to me and was like "Hey Megz, who should I put in this movie? Which men should make up the crew of sexy strippers in Magic Mike?"

Easy. So I made a beautiful collage of these men (impressive, right?) and now its currently my wallpaper also but anyways feast your beady little eyes.


Now lets examine these specimens for just a minute and I'll explain why each of these men deserve to be in my movie.

First: Channing Tatum would obvi still be in the movie. I'll keep him there. It goes without saying if you have seen the movie but this man has an excellent bottom and his dance moves are incredible.  Did I mention that he was ACTUALLY a stripper once upon a time? That helps.

Second: How about throwing some Zac Efron in there? Why not. Hes young and exceptionally good looking. Also, I have seen him dance enough in the HSM trilogy and Hairspray to know he would fit right in with the gang...and take a good look at the aforementioned collage...

Thirdly: JarPad ( Jared Padalecki for those who may not be aware) and Tom Welling. I might be a little bias with these two since I am a huge Supernatural Fan and used to watch Smallville basically just for Clark Kent. Jared is perfect because A.) he is a more calming presence and B.) Ummm he's just plain attractive? Now some of you might be asking yourself, why not Jensen Ackles? Well. He just doesn't have the physique that this film really needs. No offense Jensen but lets be honest here. Still love you though.

Next: How about we add a bit of Chris Evans in there? This man has a crazy chest. Just look at it! No one can deny that.I have loved this man since "Not Another Teen Movie." Anybody else really want a banana split after watching that?

And Finally: I think we could toss some Ryan Reynolds in there if there is space and time. There needs to be more movies with this gentleman shirtless. There are at least five of them already but common, look at this man, he is pretty but also sweet and delicious. And he's Canadian! Extra point.

So that about sums it up.

Who would you choose??

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