Saturday, August 25, 2012

Too Good To Be Bad, "Breaking Bad"

I know.

Breaking Bad is a fantastic show! Its great. However, I'm still a bit behind the times, catching up on Netflix but this show has everything to keep you wanting more. The drama,intrigue, and the danger. Basically, if you don't already know, its about a simple Chem Teach who changes his whole life around when he finds out he has lung cancer. He decides to try and make huge amounts of cash by making meth to support his family. Awesome, right? The fact that Walter, a simple man with a pretty easy going life could change his life so dramatically and become someone completely different is what got me interested. Though whats getting to me is that I can't help but keep waiting for Walter White to burst into another Bryan Cranston character, Hal.

The only things these two have in common are the shirts they wear.

That's right. Hal from "Malcolm in the Middle." The sweet, loving, kind of disengaged, Hal. I'm sorry but I guess growing up watching that show whenever it was on, must have permanently changed the image of Bryan Cranston. Don't get me wrong though, Hal was hilarious! Bryan also does a incredible job playing as Walter White.  It will just never be seen the same through my eyes.

Also please look at this great photograph:

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